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From the PLM gang!!

The Lenox Select Board voted tonight against pursuing wind on Lenox Mountain. The vote was unanimous with four votes since Dia T. was not there… They will now look at how to protect the mountain permanently. Jo Anne agreed to be part of that committee! Congratulations to everyone. Great work!!! -Eleanor

What a great group of passionate, smart and committed people. Thanks to all who worked tirelessly and SUCKED THE WIND OUT Of LENOX!!!! -Lauren

Lenox did NOT PASS WIND! – Thanks so much to everyone who worked so very hard for this victory for the people of Richmond, Lenox, Stockbridge, and all of Berkshire County and especially for the mountain, the forest, and all its creatures. -Harley

Bravo to all of you!!! Your hard work paid off!!! We are SO happy! Sorry we are not with you to celebrate!! -Catherine and Matt

Bravo to all. Such good work and I am so happy to have met such a group of dedicated and hard working community minded people. You’re the best. -Stephanie

Wow, a unanimous vote! Congratulations!  -Ben L.

Great news!! Congrats on your good work. Now, we need to pull off something similar. -Steve from Vermont

Fantastic. Cheers to all! -Gregory W.

What amazing news to wake up to! Thank you Eleanor, Chan, Jo Anne, Chris, Harley and Cynthia just to name a few! Agree with the comments from the others….an amazing group of people came together to make this happen. Yea!!!!!! Best -Michelle, Baby Grace and Chris

BRAVO to this amazing group of people. Thank you all for your hard work and positive momentum. Wow from Los Angeles. Can’t wait to see the video. WHOOOOHOOO. Next…we have to work on Lee!!! -Cynthia

HOORAY!!!!…….thanks to all who worked to hard to protect our mountain and the special quality of life here in Lenox, Richmond, Stockbridge….What happened in Lenox is such a positive example of how small town government can be educated to make the right decision to protect it’s citizens and work together for a common goal. Bravo to this extraordinary PLM group and the work that was done by all to get to this moment…. -Frieda

We are elated and heartened by your hard won and deserving victory.  Reason has a chance in this world after all! -Walter and Susan

YES, you guys are absolutely amazing, and it’s been a such a pleasure to work together… -Janet

Congratulations.  All the hard work paid off. -Bruce A.

Many thanks for your incredible expertise and incredible dedication and hours, days, weeks of hard work. The victory would never have been won without it. -Deborah and Ivan

Congratulations and great thanks for the countless hours devoted over many months leading to the Select Board’s resolution last evening. With the example of the remarkable group of concerned, capable, wise and energized citizens that galvanized to oppose the possibility of living – at great cost – with giant wind turbines in our midst, Lenox and the Berkshires can – and will – be made ever better. Now to ensure that the precious mountain ridge – and more – remains permanently protected and all steps are taken to make Lenox and the County a model of power conservation and solar energy. -Eric and Carol

What a great victory…what an outstanding job….I count myself privileged to be among this dedicated group…you are an advertisement for good and thoughtful citizenry. -Olga

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