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The Lenox Board of Selectman meet tonight and will vote to accept or reject the proposal for two 430 foot tall wind turbines on the ridge of Lenox Mountain.


Lenox Town Hall.

Please be there to witness the vote.

Dead on arrival. That’s the likely fate of the long-debated municipal wind turbine proposal following an informational forum attended by nearly 100 Lenox and Richmond residents. -Clarence Fanto

And from the Beacon (click to enlarge):

Last night’s Lee DEP/DPH Smackdown

Ken Kimmel and Alicia McDevitt both squirmed in their seats from time to time as they heard time and time again about the shortcomings of the report they commissioned to push forward Deval Patrick’s goal of 2000MW of Wind Energy by 2020.  Ken Kimmel and other DEP folks tried to spin their position last night and kept repeating their talking point about the study “only being a first step.”  But,  a conversation between a wind lobbyist and a wind developer about the heated nature of the opposition at the meeting was overheard by one the PLM members in attendance.

Wind Lobbyist, “… I don’t mind this. I get paid very well to take this kind of stuff.”

Wind Developer, “Well, as long as we get these siting standards, it will be worth it.”

And that is exactly the political game being played by the big-money, big-wind industry as they seek more and more of our taxpayer and ratepayer money to line the pockets of large multinational corporations.

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