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BOS discussed Conservation Restriction

  Final selection of CR at next board meeting…   … Read entire article »

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Federal Production Tax Credit KIA

  Hi Folks — Here’s the roll call for the vote taken by the Senate today involving S.2204: . We expect Senator Reid to pull S.2204 from the floor and for the Senate to move on to the next bill.  There is NO CHANCE S.2204 will come back. I will keep you informed of any new efforts to extend the wind subsidies. But for now there is no need to worry further about S.2204. I want to again extend my very special thanks to all of you for a job well done! All the best, –Lisa Linowes PS: Press release from the US Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works – Lisa will be one of the guests this Sunday on Wind Wise Radio and they will be discussing the fight on the Senate floor … Read entire article »

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Just in from Wind Wise Mass STOP State Bill S2200

Today at 1:00 p.m. the state senate votes on a bill that will give the governor unprecedented control over the electricity market in our state, force more wind turbines and transmission lines into our communities, and increase our electricity rates for the next 20 to 30 years. The bill, S.2200, is being rushed through the legislature by the Patrick administration, the senate leadership, and the wind industry, and your opposition is urgently needed right now to stop it. Please contact your state senator Ben Downing and the senate president Therese Murray this morning – ideally before 11:00 a.m. – using information provided at the end of this email.   S.2200 is an energy bill that will increase subsidies to the wind industry, raise costs for consumers, strip revenue from towns, and empower the governor … Read entire article »

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STOP S2204 Federal Production Tax Credit

From Lisa at Wind Action Hi Everyone — As expected, the vote to consider S2204 passed by a wide margin. The debate on S2204 is expected to begin around 11:00am eastern today (Tuesday). We expect this debate to be energetic and revealing. It will be limited to 30 hours; no amendments will be permitted. Following debate we expect an up/down vote on S2204. There is still time to have your voices heard by calling-emailing your Senators. Stopping S2204 from achieving even 50 votes will prove a significant victory. Thanks so much! –Lisa PS: Timing for Sen. Alexander’s speech on the floor of the senate is not confirmed but could be around 6pm eastern.   From Wind Wise Massachusetts: Your Senators need to hear from you again. Senator Scott Brown, Washington: (202) 224-4543; Boston: (617) 565-3170; Springfield: (413) 788-2693   Brown
Chief of Staff: Legislative Director: Senator John … Read entire article »

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Industrial Wind in the Wilds of Maine — From Wind Wise Radio

   WWR talked with Dr. Monique Aniel, Steve Thurston  and David Corrigan, about their struggle against the ongoing destruction of Maine’s precious natural areas by industrial wind developers. Listen here:   jwplayer('jwplayer-1').setup({"flashplayer":"http:\/\/\/blog\/wp-content\/uploads\/jw-player-plugin-for-wordpress\/player\/player.swf","width":"400","height":"40","controlbar":"bottom","skin":"http:\/\/\/blog\/wp-content\/plugins\/jw-player-plugin-for-wordpress\/skins\/","dock":"false","autostart":"false","mediaid":"2438","image":"","playerReady":"function(obj) { document.getElementById(obj['id']) = document.getElementById(obj['id']).getPluginConfig('controlbar')['height'] + 'px'; }","icons":"","file":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2012\/02\/IndustrialWindintheWildsofMaine.mp3","modes":[{"type":"flash","src":"http:\/\/\/blog\/wp-content\/uploads\/jw-player-plugin-for-wordpress\/player\/player.swf"},{"type":"html5","config":{"streamer":"","provider":""}},{"type":"download","config":{"streamer":"","provider":""}}]}); Dr. Monique Aniel and Steve Thurston are from the Citizens’ Task Force on Wind Power – a coalition of citizens from around Maine drawn together in the common purpose of advocating for responsible, science based, economically and environmentally sound approaches to Maine’s energy policy. Steve and Monique began working together on the fight against IWT in Maine about 3 years ago.  In early 2009, after former governor Angus King proposed 22 turbines for the ridge behind Steve Thurston’s family’s ancestral home in Roxbury, Maine,  Steve started a website as a repository for information about the Roxbury project and wind power in general.  Monique learned through … Read entire article »

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Lenox Watershed Conservation Restriction

  Now that, for the second time, the town of Lenox has rejected efforts to force an industrial wind development onto the town’s watershed property on Lenox Mountain, the town has decided to investigate placing a conservation restriction on the property instead.  This would permanently protect the land from development, preserving it for hiking and recreation and as the town’s primary water source.  Why go through this expensive process a third time? Lenox mountain forms the central portion of Yokun Ridge which runs from Bosquet in the North to West Stockbridge in the south.  Efforts to protect and preserve Yokun Ridge have been ongoing for 40 years and the U.S. Forestry Service has designated the entire ridge as a Forest Legacy Preserve. Preserve the Berkshires applauds the Lenox BOS for taking these steps and … Read entire article »

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PTC Stabenow is DEAD NOW.

At 3:06 PM, March 13th. in the well of the United States Senate, the vote to add the Senator Debbie Stabenow amendment (To the transportation Bill) that would extend PTCs to the industrial wind industry was not agreed upon. There were forty-nine yes votes and sixty were required. Eleven votes shy of bilking the American Taxpayers one more time for a failed energy technology. Today’s failed vote delivered a big blow for industrial wind welfare. Jeffersons Leaning Left From Lisa Linowes of Wind Action Group: Hi Everyone — Thank you all VERY much for sticking with this effort. It was a tough several weeks but we’re now 3 for 3 in pushing back the PTC/1603. Our communications to Congress paid off! Despite millions spent, AWEA missed … Read entire article »

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The Struggle in Canada with Dr. Robert McMurtry

Wind Wise Radio Presents: LISTEN HERE: jwplayer('jwplayer-2').setup({"flashplayer":"http:\/\/\/blog\/wp-content\/uploads\/jw-player-plugin-for-wordpress\/player\/player.swf","width":"400","height":"40","controlbar":"bottom","skin":"http:\/\/\/blog\/wp-content\/plugins\/jw-player-plugin-for-wordpress\/skins\/","dock":"false","autostart":"false","mediaid":"2393","image":"http:\/\/\/blog\/?p=2378","file":"http:\/\/\/blog\/wp-content\/uploads\/2012\/03\/mcmurtryshowfinal.mp3","modes":[{"type":"flash","src":"http:\/\/\/blog\/wp-content\/uploads\/jw-player-plugin-for-wordpress\/player\/player.swf"},{"type":"html5","config":{"streamer":"","provider":"","file":"http:\/\/\/blog\/?p=2378"}},{"type":"download","config":{"streamer":"","provider":""}}]}); Sun, Mar 11, 2012 07:00PM Dr. Robert McMurtry is the founding chair and currently an adviser for the The Society for Wind Vigilance, an international federation of physicians, engineers and other professionals promoting the development of authoritative international wind turbine guidelines to protect the health and safety of communities. The mission of The Society for Wind Vigilance is to mitigate the risk of both physiological and psychological adverse heath effects through the advancement of independent third party research and its application to the siting of industrial wind turbines. He was a member of the Health Council of Canada for 3½ years and a member and special adviser to the Royal Commission under Roy Romanow on the future of health care in Canada. Dr. McMurtry was a visiting Cameron … Read entire article »

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