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The Struggle in Canada with Dr. Robert McMurtry

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Sun, Mar 11, 2012 07:00PM

Dr. Robert McMurtry is the founding chair and currently an adviser for the The Society for Wind Vigilance, an international federation of physicians, engineers and other professionals promoting the development of authoritative international wind turbine guidelines to protect the health and safety of communities. The mission of The Society for Wind Vigilance is to mitigate the risk of both physiological and psychological adverse heath effects through the advancement of independent third party research and its application to the siting of industrial wind turbines.

He was a member of the Health Council of Canada for 3½ years and a member and special adviser to the Royal Commission under Roy Romanow on the future of health care in Canada. Dr. McMurtry was a visiting Cameron Chair to Health Canada for providing policy advice to the Minister and Deputy Minister of Health. He was the Founding and Associate Deputy Minister of Population & Public Health, Canada.  Dr. McMurtry sat on the National Steering Committee on Climate Change and Health Assessment.  In 2011, Dr. McMurtry  became a Member of the Order of Canada for his leadership and vision in helping to strengthen health care delivery in Canada.  The Order of Canada is Canada’s  highest civilian honor.

Presently Dr. McMurtry is Professor (Emeritus) of Surgery, University of Western Ontario

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