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PTC Stabenow is DEAD NOW.

At 3:06 PM, March 13th. in the well of the United States Senate, the vote to add the Senator Debbie Stabenow amendment (To the transportation Bill) that would extend PTCs to the industrial wind industry was not agreed upon. There were forty-nine yes votes and sixty were required. Eleven votes shy of bilking the American Taxpayers one more time for a failed energy technology. Today’s failed vote delivered a big blow for industrial wind welfare. Jeffersons Leaning Left

From Lisa Linowes of Wind Action Group:

Hi Everyone — Thank you all VERY much for sticking with this effort. It was a tough several weeks but we’re now 3 for 3 in pushing back the PTC/1603. Our communications to Congress paid off! Despite millions spent, AWEA missed the 60-vote threshold AND missed a majority (50 votes). The vote was 49-49.
I have two very important closing steps that I hope you will consider.
1) Tell your Senators how you feel about his/her vote. The roll call for the vote can be seen here and also in the graphic below.
If they voted NAY, please send a short note of thanks for putting taxpayers ahead of big wind interests.
If they voted YEA, be sure to register your firm (but polite) disappointment. Their vote will not be forgotten.
2) Please thank Senator Lamar Alexander. Sen. Alexander is a true leader in this effort. And we own much to him and his staff for their help. Please take a few minutes to express your appreciation. You can email your message to Curtis Swager at <> or go through the Senator’s email webpage .
Be sure to include the State you’re from.
I think it will be helpful for the Senator to understand the breadth and depth of the support he has on this issue.

Scott Brown — Nay –  202-224-4543   617-565-3170

John Kerry — Yea  — 202-224-2742   617-565-8519

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