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Lenox Watershed Conservation Restriction


Now that, for the second time, the town of Lenox has rejected efforts to force an industrial

wind development onto the town’s watershed property on Lenox Mountain, the town has decided to investigate placing a conservation restriction on the property instead.  This would permanently protect the land from development, preserving it for hiking and recreation and as the town’s primary water source.  Why go through this expensive process a third time?

Lenox mountain forms the central portion of Yokun Ridge which runs from Bosquet in the North to West Stockbridge in the south.  Efforts to protect and preserve Yokun Ridge have been ongoing for 40 years and the U.S. Forestry Service has designated the entire ridge as a Forest Legacy Preserve.

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Preserve the Berkshires applauds the Lenox BOS for taking these steps and supports their efforts.  Clarence Fanto of the Berkshire Eagle writes about it in today’s B’Eagle.


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