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STOP S2204 Federal Production Tax Credit

From Lisa at Wind Action

Hi Everyone — As expected, the vote to consider S2204 passed by a wide margin.

The debate on S2204 is expected to begin around 11:00am eastern today (Tuesday).

We expect this debate to be energetic and revealing. It will be limited to 30 hours; no amendments will be permitted. Following debate we expect an up/down vote on S2204.

There is still time to have your voices heard by calling-emailing your Senators.

Stopping S2204 from achieving even 50 votes will prove a significant victory.

Thanks so much!


PS: Timing for Sen. Alexander’s speech on the floor of the senate is not confirmed but could be around 6pm eastern.


From Wind Wise Massachusetts:

Your Senators need to hear from you again.

Senator Scott Brown, Washington: (202) 224-4543; Boston: (617) 565-3170; Springfield: (413) 788-2693


Chief of Staff:

Legislative Director:

Senator John Kerry, Washington: (202) 224-2742; Boston: (617) 565-8519; Springfield: (413) 785-4610

Kerry Chief of Staff:

Legislative Director:

Unfortunately, S2204 is attractive for many Senators, which makes it difficult for them to vote NO.

Sen. Scott Brown is likely to vote for it, having co-sponsored S2201, a similar measure that does not have off-setting funds to pay for it.

Sen. John Kerry has always voted for the tax credit, believing wind is part of a renewable energy strategy.


Please call and email your senators. Tell them why you think subsidies for Big Wind are wasteful spending.


The tax credit — set to expire at the end of the year — provides 2.2 cents credit per kilowatt-hour of energy produced in the first 10 years of a wind-energy facility’s operation.

Tax credits, grants for development, and other incentives are keeping this dying industry alive as country after country abandons development of onshore wind plants.

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