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Happy Earth Day. Kill a turbine. Plant a tree.

Today on Wind Wise Radio: Saving Massachusetts from IWT — Louise Barteau, Ann DeNardis, Viriginia Irvine, Andrew Wells — Sun. April 22 7pm ET We will be talking with leaders in the efforts to save Massachusetts from the onslaught of the Patrick administration and the wind developers who are attempting to put their political ambitions and their greed ahead of the interests of the citizens of Massachusetts Louise Barteau is an environmental artist living and working in Fairhaven, MA. Her studio is located approximately 1200′ from Fairhaven’s two 400′ Industrial Wind Turbines which were installed this winter and are about to be turned on this month. A reluctant activist, she was drawn into a troubling tale of covert actions between the developers, Fairhaven Wind, and the town government that began years ago when the … Read entire article »

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