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From the PLM gang!! The Lenox Select Board voted tonight against pursuing wind on Lenox Mountain. The vote was unanimous with four votes since Dia T. was not there… They will now look at how to protect the mountain permanently. Jo Anne agreed to be part of that committee! Congratulations to everyone. Great work!!! -Eleanor What a great group of passionate, smart and committed people. Thanks to all who worked tirelessly and SUCKED THE WIND OUT Of LENOX!!!! -Lauren Lenox did NOT PASS WIND! – Thanks so much to everyone who worked so very hard for this victory for the people of Richmond, Lenox, Stockbridge, and all of Berkshire County and especially for the mountain, the forest, and all its creatures. … Read entire article »

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The Lenox Board of Selectman meet tonight and will vote to accept or reject the proposal for two 430 foot tall wind turbines on the ridge of Lenox Mountain. 7pm. Lenox Town Hall. Please be there to witness the vote. Dead on arrival. That’s the likely fate of the long-debated municipal wind turbine proposal following an informational forum attended by nearly 100 Lenox and Richmond residents. -Clarence Fanto And from the Beacon (click to enlarge): Last night’s Lee DEP/DPH Smackdown Ken Kimmel and Alicia McDevitt both squirmed in their seats from time to time as they heard time and time again about the shortcomings of the report they commissioned to push forward Deval Patrick’s goal of 2000MW of Wind Energy by 2020.  Ken Kimmel and other DEP folks tried to spin … Read entire article »

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The town of Lenox has a profound responsibility to treat its natural legacy with respect and deliberation. Once construction begins, Lenox Mountain will cease to exist as it does today… For those who are keeping a scorecard here are the results of yesterday evening’s meeting: 3 nays 2 nays (or “maybe’s” but only after several more detailed, independent studies are performed and then only after public forums discussing those results and agreement by the citizens of Lenox) 1 yea. The three working subgroups each issued reports. The only subgroup that issued two separate opinions was the health group. 1. Health a. Dr. Michael Kaplan — Accepted the state “experts” panel report at face value and recommends the town continue to move forward. He thinks that with proper education (propaganda?) along with some … Read entire article »

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Latest WERP News

–via Berkshire Eagle at  Please read and add your comments. At Thursday night’s Town Hall meeting, turbine supporter Dr. Michael Kaplan praised the study, while project opponents were highly skeptical. The panel now has a Feb. 15 target date to deliver its conclusions to the Select Board. Three sub-groups have been examining the health, environmental and financial impact of the proposal to build one or two municipal turbines atop the ridge line overlooking Lenox and Richmond. “The science does not tell us we shouldn’t be doing it,” Kaplan asserted. Project opponent Christopher Magee has prepared an alternate summary on health impacts. “We’ll come up with a single report with two different conclusions,” Kaplan predicted. He called the state report by a panel of experts “a higher level of information than … Read entire article »

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Wind Panel News…

Clarence Fanto wrote an artice about last weeks WERP meeting: UPDATE: The Board of Selectman’s agenda was very full last night so they did not have time to fit in the Wind Energy Panel discussion.  The WERP deadline extension request will be taken up at the next meeting of the BOS on the 18th of January. … Read entire article »

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Recent sound and fury

We’ve spotted a few recent items related to the health effects of industrial wind turbines sited too close to people.  Because of the recent discussion by the Lenox Wind Energy Research Panel about safe setbacks (as well as the financial impact to Lenox) we thought these were worth highlighting. This paper addresses not only the issues of wind energy policy where it violates the basic living environment of families and the adverse health effects ofwind turbine noise, but also assesses the considerable number of anecdotal reports from people living with wind turbine noise. As noted in the authors’ 2007 paper, although there are many who dismiss anecdotal reports as inconsequential or meaningless, these reports are from real people, living with … Read entire article »

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WERP Health and Pleasant Valley Audubon

The Lenox Wind Energy Research Panel met on Thursday night.  Among the issues addressed, Dr. Michael Kaplan, who just last week stated he thought, “Residents living within a mile of a turbine might have to move and sell their homes,” seemed hell-bent on backpedaling on that issue but, in the end, explicitly stood by what he had said in the prior meeting. Here is the video from the prior meeting: And this is from last night: Dr. Kaplan (who obviously still has fundamental misconceptions about the relationship between infrasound, audible frequency sounds, and the likely health effects seen world-wide) backpedals on his previous statements and then, under questioning by Chan Gibson, reaffirms his statement from last week. A member of the audience, Richard Sealy, also took Kaplan and the … Read entire article »

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Wind panel shifts

Often, as reasonable people learn about the high-impacts and the low-benefits of ridgeline wind, they come to the conclusion that it is better to put resources into something else.  Maybe the surprise is the speed at which this learning process seems to be proceeding in Lenox. All of the volunteer members of the Wind Research Panel, along with the moderator, Ken Fowler, are doing an amazing job.  The amount of work and thought they’ve put into this is a model-lesson in civics. Here is some reporting from Clarence! And this one. … Read entire article »

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Recently highlighted on Green Berkshires

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Downing announces energy forum and YNN covers WERP

UPDATE: Brandon Walker of YNN filmed and produced this nicely balanced piece on the Lenox proposal to build industrial wind turbines on Lenox Mountain.  You can view the rest of his article here. Senator Ben Downing made some news tonight responding to a question on WESRA from Marsh.  He is “rapidly” coming to a decision and, apparently will let us all know at an energy forum in Great Barrington, December 14th.  Here’s the tape. The best spot of news is that Warren Archey is recovering and will return to work soon — we all wish him a full and speedy recovery. … Read entire article »

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Articles and Letters.

We had quite a bit of reading this to do this Sunday.  Earlier in the week, The Berkshire Record published a front page story on WESRA — the Deval plan to wrest local control of wind turbine siting away from the towns of Berkshire County.  At the PLM meeting with Andrea Nucifero was very supportive of the Berkshires.  Andrea stepped up immediately and pledged his support to help defeat WESRA.  This is in sharp contrast to Ben Downing who, as of our last encounter, reported he is still “doing his homework” on WESRA..  Leading vs. Fence-sitting. In the Sunday Eagle we got two stories on the Lenox initiative and the trials and tribulations of the Wind Energy Research Panel. This weekend, following a pleasant walk in … Read entire article »

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First WERP went well.

The brand new Wind Energy Research Panel (WERP) is an official Lenox Town Committee.  They had their first meeting this morning at Lenox Town Hall. Besides the committee members, the Lenox Town Manager, Greg Federspiel attended as did two members of the press, a camera man from local public access TV, and about 10 citizens from Lenox and the surrounding communities. As the committee began discussions, Greg Federspoel gave an introduction to open meeting law and cautioning committee members to be careful about not meeting or discussing things outside of the official meeting. Following this, Ken Fowler read from a prepared agenda which included a schedule of site visits, a plan to place resources on a shelf in the library with color coded stickers to facts … Read entire article »

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