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Interactive Google Map

Latitude and Longitude

For your convenience, the latitude and longitude for each turbine site are here, plug ‘em into any mapping program:

GE industrial turbine site 1 42.383109, -73.308797
GE industrial turbine site 2 42.378288, -73.311101

Snapshot from Google Earth

Google Earth Proposed Industrial Turbines

If you are a user of Google Earth, you can import this KMZ file which has the locations preset and see the situation in 3D.  Google earth also has a distance measurement tool which is very accurate.

How far?

The two mapping tools below will approximate the straight-line distance from the address or location you input to the proposed site of GE Industrial Wind Turbines.  You may enter an address or a location. For example, “your home address“, “Tanglewood“, “Timbuktu“, etc. and a map will be shown and the distance will be calculated. There are two proposed turbines, the more northern turbine is #1.

Find the distance between your location and GE Turbine #1

Find the distance between your location and GE Turbine #2

Explore Yokun Ridge

The View Shed of the Proposed Turbines

Wind Resource Map

USDA Forest Service Map of Stockbridge-Yokun Ridge Reserve