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The Struggle in Canada with Dr. Robert McMurtry

Wind Wise Radio Presents: LISTEN HERE: jwplayer('jwplayer-1').setup({"flashplayer":"http:\/\/\/blog\/wp-content\/uploads\/jw-player-plugin-for-wordpress\/player\/player.swf","width":"400","height":"40","controlbar":"bottom","skin":"http:\/\/\/blog\/wp-content\/plugins\/jw-player-plugin-for-wordpress\/skins\/","dock":"false","autostart":"false","mediaid":"2393","image":"http:\/\/\/blog\/?p=2378","file":"http:\/\/\/blog\/wp-content\/uploads\/2012\/03\/mcmurtryshowfinal.mp3","modes":[{"type":"flash","src":"http:\/\/\/blog\/wp-content\/uploads\/jw-player-plugin-for-wordpress\/player\/player.swf"},{"type":"html5","config":{"streamer":"","provider":"","file":"http:\/\/\/blog\/?p=2378"}},{"type":"download","config":{"streamer":"","provider":""}}]}); Sun, Mar 11, 2012 07:00PM Dr. Robert McMurtry is the founding chair and currently an adviser for the The Society for Wind Vigilance, an international federation of physicians, engineers and other professionals promoting the development of authoritative international wind turbine guidelines to protect the health and safety of communities. The mission of The Society for Wind Vigilance is to mitigate the risk of both physiological and psychological adverse heath effects through the advancement of independent third party research and its application to the siting of industrial wind turbines. He was a member of the Health Council of Canada for 3½ years and a member and special adviser to the Royal Commission under Roy Romanow on the future of health care in Canada. Dr. … Read entire article »

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From the PLM gang!! The Lenox Select Board voted tonight against pursuing wind on Lenox Mountain. The vote was unanimous with four votes since Dia T. was not there… They will now look at how to protect the mountain permanently. Jo Anne agreed to be part of that committee! Congratulations to everyone. Great work!!! -Eleanor What a great group of passionate, smart and committed people. Thanks to all who worked tirelessly and SUCKED THE WIND OUT Of LENOX!!!! -Lauren Lenox did NOT PASS WIND! – Thanks so much to everyone who worked so very hard for this victory for the people of Richmond, Lenox, Stockbridge, and all of Berkshire County and especially for the mountain, the forest, and all its creatures. … Read entire article »

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The Lenox Board of Selectman meet tonight and will vote to accept or reject the proposal for two 430 foot tall wind turbines on the ridge of Lenox Mountain. 7pm. Lenox Town Hall. Please be there to witness the vote. Dead on arrival. That’s the likely fate of the long-debated municipal wind turbine proposal following an informational forum attended by nearly 100 Lenox and Richmond residents. -Clarence Fanto And from the Beacon (click to enlarge): Last night’s Lee DEP/DPH Smackdown Ken Kimmel and Alicia McDevitt both squirmed in their seats from time to time as they heard time and time again about the shortcomings of the report they commissioned to push forward Deval Patrick’s goal of 2000MW of Wind Energy by 2020.  Ken Kimmel and other DEP folks tried to spin … Read entire article »

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WERP: Abandon the Lenox Wind Energy Proposal

UPDATE: The meeting at the Lenox Town Hall auditorium last nigtht was very well attended.  No one had much good to say about the proposed wind turbine project or about the Weston Report.  At the most, a couple of panel members called for shelving it for now, and perhaps picking it up again at some future date.  The rest of the panel and the public comments (almost without exception) called on the Lenox Selectman to vote to kill the project.  The only exception was Scott Laugenour who spoke at great length about the project and process and was advocating dragging this out for a few more months and readdressing it at the town’s meeting.  The other unanimous sentiment was praise for the hard work of … Read entire article »

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Disappointing Denmark

By Andrew Gilligan 8:00AM BST 12 Sep 2010 To green campaigners, it is windfarm heaven, generating a claimed fifth of its power from wind and praised by British ministers as the model to follow. But amid a growing public backlash, Denmark, the world’s most windfarm-intensive country, is turning against the turbines. Last month, unnoticed in the UK, Denmark’s giant state-owned power company, Dong Energy, announced that it would abandon future onshore wind farms in the country. “Every time we were building onshore, the public reacts in a negative way and we had a lot of criticism from neighbours,” said a spokesman for the company. “Now we are putting all our … Read entire article »

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ON the Federal PTC and on Setbacks

Although you will find yourself sometimes disagreeing with some of the authors and viewpoints on MasterResource, we always enjoy the excellent writing and intriguing ideas.  We’ve copied two recent posts below.  Please visit MasterResource to find more and to join in the discussion… Wind Power Panic: AWEA’s Last Stand (death spiral looms for taxpayer-dependent industry) by Lisa Linowes February 13, 2012 If you haven’t heard from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), you probably will. Ominous, scary ads are running nationwide warning of the crushing blow to American jobs if Congress fails to extend the Production Tax Credit (‘PTC’), the 20-year ‘temporary’ subsidy most credited for market growth in the wind sector. The PTC is due to expire at the end of this year. Most of the ads target particular House … Read entire article »

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Vermont’s Energy Options Updated

This updated short feature from a larger documentary entitled Vermont’s Energy Options examines several of the paths towards a renewable energy future for the state of Vermont. In this feature, utility-scale renewable energy is compared to community-oriented, small-scale renewable energy solutions.  Energize Vermont advocates for renewable energy solutions that are in harmony with the irreplaceable character of Vermont and contribute to the people’s well-being. … Read entire article »

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UPDATE: Our position on the flawed DEP/DPH is leading the news stories! Ken Kimmell and Alicia McDevitt never anticipated that we would turn out in force, and neither did the media.  But that is the lead story  tonight. One of the most vital meetings we need to attend in as large a number as is possible is in Boston February 14th from 10-1. It is the meeting for the bogus expert panel DEP report. This is a critical time to show up in full force. It is a fantastic media opportunity and not having a presence will give the pro-wind organizations and lobbyists everything they want which is to deny our rights as individuals, spend our tax dollars, and laugh all the way to the bank. A group … Read entire article »

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Move over NPR it’s WWR –Wind Wise Radio!

Internet Wind Energy Talk — Every Sunday Evening THE PREMIERE SHOW Infrasound and Adverse Health Effects. Ambrose and Rand. Sunday, Februrary 12, 2012, 7:00-8:00PM Join us for the first edition of Wind Wise Radio when we will be delighted to welcome Stephen Ambrose and Robert Rand, professional acousticians, members of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering, and the authors of “The McPherson Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise Study” which investigated the possible relationship between infrasound and adverse health effects experienced by people living near and industrial wind turbine (IWT) in Falmouth, Massachusetts. We will be discussing Stephen and Robert’s findings, their personal experience in the vicinity of IWT, their work on other projects, and their thoughts on the the recently released “Wind Turbine Health Impact Study”.  We will also … Read entire article »

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Maine and East of Falmouth

Russia’s main gas-company, Gazprom, was unable to meet demand last weekend as blizzards swept across Europe, and over three hundred people died. Did anyone even think of deploying our wind turbines to make good the energy shortfall from Russia? Of course not. We all know that windmills are a self-indulgent and sanctimonious luxury whose purpose is to make us feel good. Had Europe genuinely depended on green energy on Friday, by Sunday thousands would be dead from frostbite and exposure, and the EU would have suffered an economic body blow to match that of Japan’s tsunami a year ago. From a neighbor in Vinalhaven Somewhere East of Falmouth Neil Weston?  Neil Anderson? Huh? And to the North… But everything’s okay in … Read entire article »

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Junk Science

Junk science is faulty scientific data and analysis used to advance special interests and hidden agendas. -Dr. Raymond Hartman, PhD There is ample evidence regarding the health risks associated with industrial wind turbines. – Carmen Krogh, BScPharm, Ontario, Canada James in the B’Eagle, 37 42 45 comments and counting… … Read entire article »

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The town of Lenox has a profound responsibility to treat its natural legacy with respect and deliberation. Once construction begins, Lenox Mountain will cease to exist as it does today… For those who are keeping a scorecard here are the results of yesterday evening’s meeting: 3 nays 2 nays (or “maybe’s” but only after several more detailed, independent studies are performed and then only after public forums discussing those results and agreement by the citizens of Lenox) 1 yea. The three working subgroups each issued reports. The only subgroup that issued two separate opinions was the health group. 1. Health a. Dr. Michael Kaplan — Accepted the state “experts” panel report at face value and recommends the town continue to move forward. He thinks that with proper education (propaganda?) along with some … Read entire article »

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WESRA Officially DEAD

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Cudnohufsky: Confession and Wisdom.

My One-Time, Tacit Support of Industrial Wind: A Confessional by Walter Cudnohufsky January 20, 2012 –Via  MasterResource A free-market energy blog On a regular basis, friends are surprised to learn of my recently voiced concerns about industrial wind. Enlightened, perceptive and thoughtful people, they share much of my concern for our earth and human communities. They ask me, “Isn’t wind a good thing? What concerns you and why? Wind is a large renewable resource used for centuries! We are behind the rest of the world in the use of wind power! We need to address climate change. What is your solution?” These friends have not incorporated wind energy investigation into their busy lives. With climate change, unemployment, a stagnant economy, health care legislation and a war all screaming for attention, there … Read entire article »

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Latest WERP News

–via Berkshire Eagle at  Please read and add your comments. At Thursday night’s Town Hall meeting, turbine supporter Dr. Michael Kaplan praised the study, while project opponents were highly skeptical. The panel now has a Feb. 15 target date to deliver its conclusions to the Select Board. Three sub-groups have been examining the health, environmental and financial impact of the proposal to build one or two municipal turbines atop the ridge line overlooking Lenox and Richmond. “The science does not tell us we shouldn’t be doing it,” Kaplan asserted. Project opponent Christopher Magee has prepared an alternate summary on health impacts. “We’ll come up with a single report with two different conclusions,” Kaplan predicted. He called the state report by a panel of experts “a higher level of information than … Read entire article »

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B’Eagle Non-Ideological Editorial

From a different perspective: (Thanks to ThinkThoughtThunk wherever you are!!) Click here for the original B’eagle editorial and to add your comments!! … Read entire article »

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Calvin Martin and Eric Bibler respond to the “experts” in “To pee or not to pee on peer review?” May I make the following modest proposal: I suggest we visit Mr. Kimmell at his next press conference — and bring a five pound hammer. I suggest that we insist that Mr. Kimmell allow us to smash the fingers of his right hand against the lectern, where he is speaking in front of the assembled ladies and gentlemen of the press, taking care not to break any bones, which might provide obvious evidence of “harm.” Then I propose that we observe Mr. Kimmell’s reaction to this “mere annoyance.” If Mr. Kimmell protests — even if he howls — we will inform him that although … Read entire article »

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Northborough says no!

Congratulations to Northborough The Fairhaven Selectboard Meeting The Fairhaven Select board does not allow Windwise and those concerned with the health and safety issues to speak. The public access cameras are turned off by an obnoxious smirking selectman.  While the cameras are turned off the selectboard agrees to a public forum. Once the cameras are turned back on they say that all concerns will be presented to the developer and “experts”. … Read entire article »

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Wind-power: expensive and ineffective

[Wind-power] is expensive and yet it is not effective in cutting CO2 emissions. If it were not for the renewables targets set by the Renewables Directive, wind-power would not even be entertained as a cost-effective way of generating electricity or cutting emissions. The renewables targets should be renegotiated with the EU. [p. 30] The focus on wind-power, driven by the renewables targets, is preventing Britain from effectively reducing CO2 emissions, while crippling energy users with additional costs, according to a new Civitas report. The report finds that wind-power is unreliable and requires back-up power stations to be available in order to maintain a consistent electricity supply to households and businesses. This means that energy users pay twice: once for the window-dressing of renewables, and again for the … Read entire article »

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