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Solar Sunday.

TODAY!  Ben Luce in Lenox.  Bryce on WWR. Join us at Lenox High School for a Solar Ice Cream Sunday. Come for the Ice Cream stay for the facts about Solar   Dr. Ben Luce,  Ph.D. will talk about state of the art solar technology and its promise of helping with climate change. Adele Gravitz and Greg Federspiel will update us on the Lenox solar situation – Municipal and Residential. Aric Brown from CET will talk about home energy audits and how to sign up!   This Sunday on Wind Wise Radio: Truth from Texas with Robert Bryce and Headlines with our Expert RoundtableSun. April 29, 7pm ET     Robert Bryce will be joining us to talk about IWT.  His writing has appeared in dozens of publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, National Review, Washington Post, American Conservative, The Nation, … Read entire article »

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Industrial Wind on our Ridgelines is Bad Science

Dr. Ben Luce, PhD is a physicist, sustainable energy researcher, and former director of a pro-wind alliance. He advocated successfully for tax credits that resulted in an industrial-scale wind farm on the eastern plains of New Mexico. He is now living and working in Vermont. He believes that ridgeline wind power development is simply not needed. As a long-time friend of wind, Dr. Luce nevertheless presents a scientific case against wind power on mountain ridgelines. And perhaps most importantly, he details how solar power can be utilized to reliably supply more than 95% of Vermont’s demand without wind’s controversial impacts to ecosystems, scenery, and property values. Our neighbors just to the north in Vermont have slightly more wind resources than we do so it is no surprise they are also being … Read entire article »

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