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  Turbine trouble in Lee.  Wind turbines on October Mountain? A brand new group, Wise Choices for Lee (WCFL),  has sprung up in Lee, Massachusetts.  They are seeking rational, well-reasoned policies and projects for their town.  The current governing of the town seems fraught with secrecy and behind the scenes political maneuvering by an old boy’s (literally) network.  This is combined with a byzantine system of “representative” government which cuts out 99% of the citizens as only sixty some odd people actually get to vote at town meetings. The flow of information in the town is reportedly a trickle and the town manager, Bob Nason, seems to think he is Joseph Stalin with Lee as his own personal Russia. When WCFL asked to book the town’s meeting space –to bring two informational events … Read entire article »

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Trouble up north.

Trouble up north.

John Nicol and Dave Seglins of CBC News have been doing more than their share of hard work uncovering the dirty truth behind Industrial Wind.  The second article, on property devaluation, was posted early this morning and at last count there were 850 reader comments. Please take a moment to read what these guys have discovered. We will end this post with the voices of a few Ontario residents who have since been bought out and gagged by … Read entire article »

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